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We provide the following services:
GroovyBalls (Harness & Aqua) also known as Zorbing
Off road Go-karts
Target shooting
Hamster Balls
Braai Facilities and more

We are the only GroovyBalls Park in the country and have been running since 2010. GroovyBalls otherwise known as Zorbing is an Extreme Sport which originated in New Zealand over 17yrs ago. We have three courses or Grooves, the Kamikaze which is the straighter of the three courses.
Tornado which is the steeper and therefore the faster of the three courses and the Twister, our Zig Zag course.
GroovyBalls are 3m in diameter, with an inner diameter of 2m so you have half a meter of air between you and the ground so you are effectively surrounded by a pocket of air. There are two types, the Aqua and Harness Ball, both can have either one or two people in the Ball at one time.
The Aqua Ball is the more fun filled ride and is similar to a water slide, we place 20l of water in the Ball with you and this effectively helps you to slip, slide and spin inside the ball whilst being showered by water at the same time. Suitable clothing includes a costume and a shirt which covers your shoulders and back. We also give one person a helmet as an extra precaution. You will enter the ball head first and be instructed to lie on your back; your arms will be in a crisscross position whilst linking arms with the person next to you. Finally you will be requested to zip up the seal, and once you are ready we will send you down either the Kamikaze or Twister ride. When you have reached the bottom after your wet and wild ride we will request you to unzip the seal and enter out feet first.
The Harness Ball is the more extreme of the two as you are harnessed to the side of the ball facing your friend/collegue, the perfect position to watch their expression as you hurtle down the hill if you can keep your eyes open. You are sent head over heels and heels over head as you spin in a blur of green grass and blue sky. Out of the two it is the more strenuous on the body as you bounce, spin and rotate down the hill and is a sure way of getting your adrenaline fix. Suitable clothing includes a shirt that covers the top of the arms and long socks for extra comfort, we also give you helmets to wear for additional support. This is only run down the Kamikaze. You will also enter the ball head first and leave feet first once we have advised that it is safe to un-harness
Before entering the ball, please take off all jewellery, watches, phones, glasses, belts etc that may damage the ball and Jeans or any other clothing with metal buttons/buckles /zippers are not allowed.
We hope and trust that you have an enjoyable experience with us, please be safe and listen to the instructions of the staff and remember to scream 

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1-3 70005 Street
Bux Farm
Outer West Durban

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  • Food & Drinks

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  • Bush
  • Wood
  • Special Props

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  • Paintball


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